Hootsuite has acquired AdEspresso

Today Hootsuite annouced that it acquired AdEspresso,  company that has built a set of tools to create, A/B test, and post advertisments of Instragram and Facebook.  AdEspresso makes Facebook advertising easy and profitable for small and medium businesses. It will sit in a relaunched version of Hootsuite Ads, first introduced in 2015, but the primary aim will be to use it to augment and boost views for other social media posts that marketers are creating.

AdEspresso allows businesses to:  

  • Create and manage hundreds of Facebook and Instagram ads in minutes instead of hours
  • Split test everything from creativity to targeting and find your winning combination
  • Get powerful and simple analytics that show you exactly what’s driving resultsSlash ad costs with effortless optimization.  

This will allow Hootsuite to move into paid content and social ads.  Content these days is appearing on social networks both organically, but also in the form of promoted, paid ads in order to get more visibility.  

 “Owned and earned content are not going away but the augmentation with paid is critical to success,” Ryan Holmes, the founder and CEO of Hootsuite, said in an interview. “The trend with the algorithmic ranking of content and what you see in your stream means it’s not the same world it was five years ago. Every social network and stream has filtration, so for brands to get their message across they need to have that paid component.”

While Hootsuite will be rolling it into its existing advertising business — where it will continue as a self-service ad management product — Holmes also sees the key opportunity to be how users will be able to use it to expand what they are already trying to achieve using the Hootsuite platform.

Adding in more paid advertising options gives it an option of monetizing those free users without trying to woo them to paid tiers for the wider service.