The Game is On: Test your Powers of Deduction


The Game is on, as Sherlock Holmes took over BBC One's Twitter account prompting fans to solve a mystery live using #SherlockLive. 

January 10th, Sherlock posted on BBC One's Blog and Twitter feed, allowing people to engage and interact with the "high functioning psychopath" in hopes that they can figure out the case he was working on. 

What’s tonight’s game? Well, I thought I’d give you a chance to see how good an armchair detective you really are. This is mainly for my own amusement, understand. 
In about half an hour I’ll probably be bored of you but let’s see if there’s anyone out there who can do this.

Sherlock gave us detailed notes, videos, his personal feelings towards his viewers as always and polls which he dismissed. 

We even got a fake Twitter page "the biggest clue" of this mystery. 

In the end, the adventure with Sherlock leaves you: excited, insulted, and bit baffled.  It keeps you on the Twitter feed for at least 30 minutes if not the full hour as you try to figure out the mystery with Sherlock. 

See Sherlock's Blog on BBC to see the full #SherlockLive experience

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