Fitbit Has Acquired Another Smartwatch Platform & Team

In March last year a brand new smartwatch brand appeared, hoping to offer something different. Combining the incredible engineering talent in Central Europe’s Romania with the business smarts of London and former executives from Citizen watches, the Vector startup carved out a very credible slot in the “affordable luxury” smartwatch sector.

Vector is the everyday watch for the future
— Scott Dadich, Editor of Wired


Only a year later, Vector has been acquired for an undisclosed price by global wearable giant Fitbit.  Founder and CTO Andrei Pitis confirmed to TechCrunch that the company was acquired for its software platform and design team.  This is the second smartwatch company they have acquired. 

 The Vector Watch software platform and team joined the Fitbit family. For more information please visit

The Vector Watch software platform and team joined the Fitbit family. For more information please visit

In November of last year, Fitbit took over Pebble including all its engineering talent.  Leaving Pebble as nothing more but a Kickstarter dream. The same fate now awaits Vector.  Vector may not have been as successful as Pebble turning out only a small amount of cash, butit turned heads with its clever hardware and software integration and design smarts.

In a statement online the company says “we will start building other new and amazing products, features and experiences, incorporating our unique technology and know how with Fitbit’s experience and global community.”

Vector — a smartwatch with an e-ink LCD screen — broke the mold with a 30-day battery life and a smartphone control app that worked across iOS, Android and Windows phones. It also created its own smartwatch operating system, and released an API to developers, allowing them to create their own apps and faces for the watch.  Seeing how Fitbit constatly has issues with its battery the hardware of this device will definitely help their business.  On top of that, Pebble and Vector both had developers working on apps specifically for their devices.  

Unlike with Pebble, Vector has stated their will be no new products bearing the Vector name, but that existing products will continue to work, as will the associated software, although it will no longer be developed.  *Meaning at some point it will no longer work*

It’s released an extensive FAQ about what will happen next for customers.  Their customer support team will continue to respond to customers via a Help Page and and warranties will be honored

If you have or have had a Pebble or Vector Watch we want your opinion on the matter.  Please contact us and let us know what you think.  Also what do you think this will mean for the future of Fitbit?