5 Facts about the shape of the Heart.

1. Since the 19th century, the symbol has often been used on St. Valentine's Daycards, candyboxes, and similar popular culture artifacts as a symbol of romantic love.  However, it has appeared as a symbol of love since the mid-13th century.  First depicted in a manuscript of the Roman de la poire

2.  The use of the heart symbol as a logograph for the English verb "to love" derives from the use in "I ♥ NY", introduced in 1977

3. Video Games such as The Legend of Zelda(1986) and Super Mario Bros  (1987,1988) were the first tI use the heart symbols  to symbolize "health" or "lives."    

4. Since the 1990s, the heart symbol has also been used as an ideogram indicating "health" outside of the video gaming.  Examples would be to indicate "low cholesterol" items in menus.l at restaurants.  

5. A copyrighted "heart-check" symbol to indicate healthy food was introduced by the American Heart Association in 1995.


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