Santa Pikachu and Generation 2

Ninatics' Labs has put out an exclusive Pikachu for the holidays.   

Meet Santa Pikachu:

Also known as Santachu.  This festive little mouse Pokemon will be available with his Santa hat, as a game exclusive from December 12th - December 29th. 

If a festive Pikachu isn't enough, Ninatics' Labs has also startedreleasing the much anticipation, Generation 2 Pokemon.

Generation 2

Only 8 of these Gen.2 Pokemon were released for the game at this point.   The new Pokemon can only be found in 2k, 5k, and 10k eggs.  The introduction of these baby have left players to assume they will replace other Pokemon in eggs such as Pichu for Pikachu and so on. 

  • 2K-Iggkybuff & Cleffa
  • 5K-Togepi & Pichu
  • 10K- Magby,  Smoochum & Elekid.  

In other words Ninatic is "banking" on the hope that players will use in app purchases tobuy incubators in other to hatch eggs.  Especially seeing how its the only way these new Pokemon can currently be "caught."   Players only have one infite incubator, while other incubators which are purchases break after three uses no matter the distance.  Needless to say,  players are hoping this is not he only event that takes place for the holidays.