Take a Bite Into Peach, Social Media's Hottest New App for IOS

Peach is the work of Dom Hofmann, a co-founder of Vine, the popular video platform now owned by Twitter. It quickly won some favorable press, dominated many Twitter conversations

For all intents and purposes,Peach,is a new way to share all the things you’ve already been sharing on Twitter or Facebook or Instagram or Snapchat. It’s just packaged in a shiny new wrapper.
That being said, it’s making the rounds online like wildfire, and everyone in my address book, seems to be signing up. Why? Because it struck a chord with “Tech Twitter,” the community of tech journalists, tech investors and tech entrepreneurs who are early adopters of anything and everything the rest of the techie cool kids are using. This influential group of early adopters then heads to real Twitter to talk about said app, and then those who haven’t yet downloaded the app rush to the App Store to see what all the fuss is about. (Android users usually have to watch from the sidelines.)

What does Tech Twitter’s early interest tell us about Peach’s future success?

Absolutely nothing.  People have expectations when its comes to apps.  Since the app generate this this much attention, it opens it up to criticism it wouldn’t normally receive. Or causes it to crash.

One thing you can expect is that Peach will likely get some funding — soon. Ello raised money a month after it hit Tech Twitter’s radar.

While I seeing it how people can enjoy this app.   I see it doing best with the millennials which might end up being the key to its success.  When it comes to businesses,  the idea behind creating a social campaign could really be used if a company is allowed to create their own "magic words"  the same way they use #hashtags today. 

I'm most curious to see what Peach is looking like 6 months from now.