5 Things to Know About The Peach App

1. What is Peach?

Peach is a new social media app that has gotten a lot of attention lately.  It was created by the same guy who created Vine.  You use "Magic Words" such as GIF, Mood, Move, TV (you get it) to let people know what's going on. 

2. How Does it Work?

Magic Words, special commands similar to Slack, add unique updates such as GIFs, Shout (say something with big words), Draw (doodle on screen) or Here to share where you are. Many options include a search function, such as Movie, TV, Game and Book. Updates are meant to be short and sweet, offering a quick glimpse at your activity. If you don't have any idea what to post, you can click a lightbulb to give you ideas (similar to the random question option in Ask.fm).

3. Where I can I ?

Right now, it's only available on Apple's App Store.

4. Why the sudden interest in this app?

It started through word of mouth on Twitter soon after it launched and grew from there. According to iTunes charts, it's the eighth most popular social networking app, ahead of familiar names including Tumblr and Periscope.

5. Should I Care?

The app is gaining popularity with millanials. While it might go the way of Ello.  Peach will likely get some funding — soon. Ello raised money a month after it hit Tech Twitter’s radar. Meerkat raised money the same month it took off at SXSW.  While personally I'm not a huge fan of the app, Snapchat took off and no one wants to miss out on the next opportunity like it.  


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