Get Your Geek on at Saint Louis Science Center Every #First Friday Of the Month.

Learn the real science behind science fiction at our First Fridays events! Each month has a different theme, features free hands-on activities and culminates with a free 10pm screening of a classic science fiction move in the OMNIMAX® Theater. First Friday favorites like public telescope viewings, scifi trivia and special prices for OMNIMAX® films are a staple at every event. Tickets for the free 10pm show are available starting at 6pm on the evening of the First Friday event and are distributed on a first come, first served basis.

First Friday activities such as our presentations, sci-fi trivia, 10pm sci-fi film, etc. are primarily designed for adults and recommended for audiences 16 years and older. Our public telescope viewings and free 7pm Planetarium show are recommended for all ages. 

Friday, September 4: Doctor Who

Friday, October 2: Back to the Future

Friday, November 6: False Reality - Illusions, Oddities and Tesla

Friday, December 4: Harry Potter and the First Friday

Doctor Who Night Kicks off the Saint Louis Science Center's First Friday Events.  The Night began with an almost STL Comic Con Worthy long line waiting to enter the Boeing Hall (Main Building, First Floor) door.  Tickets were disturbed starting at 6pm to waiting fans that wrapped around the building.


I intended to attend this event, however, after looking at the line I decided to change my mind. 

Well had I stayed here's what the night would have included:

Boeing Hall (Main Building, First Floor) Events are FREE; tickets will be distributed in front of the main building, starting at 6pm.

*7pm               Actor John Leeson, the voice of K-9 --  live via Facetime from England

*8:30pm          The Real History of Doctor Who with Dr. Karen Acton and Dr. Christine Johnson,

Washington University in St. Louis

*10pm             Doctor Who episodes: “School Reunion” (2006, 45 minutes) and “The Sun Makers” (1977, 100 minutes) 

Boeing Hall (Main Building, First Floor) FREE, tonight only! Last First Friday to see our summer exhibition!

6 to 9pm         Tour Aliens and Androids    

Dino Overlook (Main Building, First Floor)

6 to 9pm         Too many demos and activities to list them all – more on the Lower Level!

  • Get your picture taken with the TARDIS!
  • Talk to K-9 with the St. Louis R2 Builders.
  • Check out Doctor Who creations from Doctor Who-inspired artists.
  • Learn more about local cons ARCHON and Anime St. Louis. 

May Hall (Main Building, Lower Level)

7pm     Doctor Who Trivia Contest -- space is limited. 

Prep Lab (Main Building, Lower Level)

6-9pm Make your own cast of the Tardis and look for Silurians! 

CenterStage (Main Building, Lower Level)

6:30pm Amazing Science Demonstration: The Science of Doctor Who

8pm       A Doctor Who Code of Ethics with Dr. Keith Miller, University of Missouri St. Louis

9pm       Who-tenanny – Doctor Who-inspired musical performances 

Makerspace (Main Building, Second Floor)

6-9pm   See tonight’s Maker-in-Residence, Jeffrey Johnson of Handmade Family.

              Design and build your own companion gadget.

The Loft (Main Building, Second Floor)   

6-9pm   Learn more about the world of Doctor Who with the St. Louis Celestial Intervention Agency and Gateway Geekfest.

OMNIMAX® Theater (Main Building, Second Floor) Episodes are FREE; tickets will be distributed in front of the Main Building at 6pm.   

*6:30pm          "The Unquiet Dead" (2005, 45 minutes)

*7:30pm          "Partners in Crime" (2008, 48 minutes)

*8:30pm        "The Angels Take Manhattan" (2012, 45 minutes)

*10pm             Doctor Who episodes: “School Reunion” (2006, 45 minutes) and “The Sun Makers” (1977, 100 minutes) 

James S. McDonnell Planetarium – Planetarium Show and episodes are FREE; tickets will be distributed in front of the main building at 6pm.

6-9pm            Experience Flight: Test out our flight simulators – 3-D ($5) and I-360 ($6)

Enjoy activities with The Challenger Learning Center, St. Louis Space Frontier, and The Moon Society.

*7pm               Planetarium Show: The Sky Tonight (Star Bay)

7:30-10pm       Public Telescope Viewing – weather permitting (Archery Field)

*8:30pm          Doctor Who Episode: "The Three Doctors" (1972, 72 minutes)

*10pm            Doctor Who Episode: “Into the Dalek” (2014, 45 minutes)


As well as a quest to search for Companions threw out the Science Center.

If you missed this, don't worry every #FirstFriday of the month from here out until December the Sciene Center will be having these events. - See more at:

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