When Bad Design Cause Your Message to Get Lost via Instagram

Our first bad design is surprisingly from AIGA, Saint Louis Chapter.  So I have to assume it's an intern's work.  Sponsoring AIGA’s Fall Membership Drive.  An event taking place from September 9–16. When you join or renew at the Sustaining level and above, you’ll receive a custom branded, limited-edition sketchbook! Join or renew during one of AIGA's select giveaway windows.  This post was promoting a Wacom tablet give away.  All of that is wonderful.  However, the design make it so that the message gets lost.  Take a look:

Firstly, lets talk about the colors being used.  The blue background with the red type creates a eye vibrating effect, not in a good way.  it makes it look blurry.  Almost unreadable.  They also use two types of red. One for the link and one for September 11th day and time.  

The type isn't aligned with each other, and its all squished on the bottom.  The tagline: Join or Renew your membership should probably be on the top.  Lastly its just bad copy, repetition can be good but here is just seems like they didn't know what the message was or didn't know what to say. 






The next comes from Pandora's Instagram. Which again usually posts great photos, but it is the season of fall internships.  
In this IG post, Pandora is advertising "alluring" antique angelsPandora Bracelets, and earrings, and rings.  While the jewelry might be alluring it is hard to tell from the background. 

Most jewelry are placed on white background so you can really see the jewelry.  This one was posted on a dark background and then a dark square was added, plus the reflect effect.  It makes it look tacky and hard to see the quality. 



When posting on any form of social media it's important to remember the voice of the brand. The voice of a brand is how companies talk to their customers. This was missed in both of these posts.