Best Santas of the Seasons

If you've ever seen Miracle on 34th Street you know what the Santa is like in that movie.  He can connect with any child.  He cares about the spirit of the season instead of making money for the store.  He is what you imagine Santa should and could be.  In a classic scene we see him speaking Dutch with a little girl.  It all seems impossible to the point were they try to make him sound crazy; however, when we see magical Santa moments happen in real life.  It's not to know we a different reaction. 

Below are a few stories from just this year of some truly magical Santa's that have kept the spirit of Kris Kringle and Christmas alive as they make the holidays merry for these children and families.  

Silent Night

Donnie Walters and his wife, Kelli, took their 6-month-old son, Zeke, to the Eastland Mall in Evansville, Indiana, to get his first picture with Santa Claus, things didn't go according to plan. However, after some help from the Big Man himself, they went even better than they could have ever imagined.

Photocredit: Donnie Walters
Source:  Donnie's Daddy Daycare


Signing Santa

A Santa from England made a special connection with a little girl with a hearing impairment. The Santa was talking to the child, the girl's mother informed Santa that she couldn't "talk very well." Santa asked if the girl knew sign language. The mother replied that she knew "animals and things like that."

He began signing to her. The girl understood and signed back, and the two were quickly engaged in conversation.

Filmed at the Cleveland Centre Middlesbrough

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Landon’s magical moment with Santa

GRANDVILLE, MI -- Landon is a first-grader who loves Harry Potter books and video games, but he also didn’t start talking until he was almost 4. Santa, who has worked at RiverTown Crossings for eight years, said he gets no special training on how to work with children who have special needs.

"Santa sat him next to him and took L's hands in his and started rubbing them, calming them down. Santa asked L if it bothered him, having Autism? L said yes, sometimes. Then Santa told him it shouldn't. It shouldn't bother him to be who he is. L told Santa that sometimes he gets in trouble at school and it's hard for people to understand that he has autism, and that he's not a naughty boy. Santa told L to not worry and that he has been a very good boy being who he is. They sat, and chatted for at least 5 mins. Santa payed close attention and listened to him."

Johnson says the interaction touched her because Santa's kindness and attention to the young boy made him feel good about himself. In turn, that gave him the confidence to talk about himself. He doesn't often have those experiences.

I had an AMAZING experience w the Santa at the RiverTown Crossings Mall and I want to share my story with you:My child...

Posted by Naomi Johnson on Sunday, December 6, 2015
 Olivia Walker, who has congential muscular dysthropy also had a very special interaction with the Santa Claus at RiverTown Crossings mall in Grandville, Mich.

Olivia Walker, who has congential muscular dysthropy also had a very special interaction with the Santa Claus at RiverTown Crossings mall in Grandville, Mich.

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Along with praise for Johnson and the Santa, a few had their own stories to share about this mall Santa.

Krista Noel told of her experience with this particular Santa: "He is a great Santa. I take care of a 26 year old man with Down syndrome. He took his time and had him sit in his chair with him and talked. He even remembered his name from last year. I think he is the true Santa. Great story."