Going Viral, But What Does it Mean?

Today , “going viral” refers to the sharing of something — often a video or photo — via social media outlets, such as Facebook, YouTube, or Twitter. Having something go viral is promotion that marketers wish they could buy. Unfortunately, the very nature of going viral means that you can't predict it.  You can't make something go viral, it just make it happens. 

What Does It Mean To Go Viral?
By definition, something that is "viral" spreads copies of itself or mutates other objects to become more like itself.  

That "something" could be a person, place, photo, thought, trend or piece of information. In terms of the Internet, they are generally videos, photos and stories that start on their own, then spread across all social platforms.
What makes going viral amazing is that it can't be paid for, it just happens.  People gain an interest in something, someone, someone's actions, words, video, or image.

On January 24, Vine announced the launch of its Trends page, which highlights clips that are going viral on the social network

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