Overconfident Wrapping Paper for the Perfect Gift

You nailed the gift. Now it’s time to brag about it says the mischievous elves at GSD&M.

Introducing Overconfident Wrapping Paper.  OCWrapping Paper is an Etsy shop that displays the world's first wrapping paper that isn't afraid to tell the special people in your life that you dominated the holidays with the best freaking gifts in the history of gift giving.

While some might find the holiday wrapping paper a little distasteful others are just enjoying the "pee jokes."

"There is so much anxiety associated with holiday gift giving," GSD&M group creative director Ryan Carroll explains. "Did I get the right gift? Will they like it or just return it? Should I include the gift receipt? We loved the idea of swinging the pendulum in the opposite direction and creating something cocky or brash for those occasions when you know you nailed it."

The paper is available at Etsy for $20, and proceeds benefit the Health Alliance for Austin Musicians in GSD&M's Texas hometown.

"When you give the perfect gift, it takes everything you have not to tell the person how amazing it is," says Carroll. "Now you can let your wrapping paper do the talking for you."

Each purchase includes three sheets of wrapping paper (one per design) -
Grab a Mop Because You're About to Wet Yourself.
This O Holy Night You'll Scream O Holy Sh*t.
Stop with the Foreplay and Let's Get Down to Business.

Each sheet is 20"x29"

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