Creating Effects in Photoshop with Filter Gallery

Photoshop Filter Gallery can be a great tool, as long as you don't go over board.
Below are a few examples of what the Filter Gallery in Photoshop can do. 


 Original Image

Original Image

  1. Take your original image and remove background.  
  2. Filter select Watercolor
  3. Create new layer
  4. Filter: Render Clouds.  For my image my colors were white and a light purple (#bfa8c2). These colors will be in your main tool bar.  The colors will decide your clouds look and feel.  Might take two renders to get the correct look.  
  5. Place your clouds layer on a liner dodge (add)
  6. The layer with your image you can now adjust your colors. 
  7. Image- Adjustments-  Hue/Saturation to change colors of image
  8. Image Adjustments: Levels to get different effects with your cloud. 
  9. Most images should have clouds layer below image layer.
  10. Have fun, don't be afraid to play around. 

Enjoy what I created, any questions please contact me at