Happy Halloween from Not So Epic Gaming (re-post)

Hey everyone, hope you a great Halloween.  I had this schedule yesterday but forgot I hadn't added the video yet. My apologies.  So here's the video that I recorded with RandomDuck91 from Not So Epic Gaming for Halloween. 

Check it out: [Warning: Graphic Content]

Details: Good Afternoon YouTube, Randomduck91 here! Happy Halloween to you all!! In our Halloween Special, I play the formally very spooky P.T. demo, but hey, since it is no longer available to download, it never hurts to play something. Plus, we have a special guest, my girlfriend Liz, so that's fun!!!

Remember, stay epic!

Thumbnail Design: Liz Watkins Media & Designs

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Footage used: P.T.

Footage recorded for fair use and intended for educational purposes, scaring my girlfriend.