Pumpkin Glow on St. Charles Main Street

This past weekend, Friday, October 23rd and Saturday, October 24th,  was the Saint Charles Pumpkin Glow on Historical Main Street.  The event featured craved glowing pumpkins created by the employees of stores on Main Street.  These pumpkins were then featured in the store fronts as a well to get customers in the spirit of Halloween. The event started at 5 each night and was to go till 8pm. 

 Facebook and Twitter buzzed with prep photos for this event. 

Facebook and Twitter buzzed with prep photos for this event. 

"Come enjoy the enchanting sight of hundreds of GLOWING pumpkins. Two days only! Friday, October 23rd and Saturday October 24th. Bring your camera! COSTUMES ENCOURAGED Many stores will be giving away samples and doing demonstrations. Its the Weekend before Halloween!" - Via Pumpkin Glow Facebook Page 

They also remind those whom come to this event that this is not a trick Trick or Treat event. Trick or Treat on Main is Friday October 30, 2015 From: 3:00 PM to 5:00 PM


That being said many were disappointed by the event, myself included.  Starting with getting stuck in traffic for 30 minutes.    Main Street is usually a pretty calm place, I'm down there often. The busiest it gets is usually around its Christmas Traditions events or Festival of the Little Hills.  This event though was simply not set up well. The streets were so packed you couldn't event walk on the side walk sometimes, which would have been fine if the street had been closed off.   That wasn't the case though. 


Kids were dressed up in costumes, so many were confused that it was not a trick or treat and were complaining about no candy.  

Although the events Facebook site, claimed there were suppose to be "hundreds" of pumpkins for an illuminated night.  There were only about 60 or so.  Some of which were fake!   All that being said. If you were unable to come to this event or unable to see some of the pumpkins I have them below for you:

The most disappointing part of this was that it should have been a fun experience for all involved.  Customers and the businesses.  I feel there was a lack of planning and it lead to a lot of frustration for people.