Empowering Ads for Moms: Similac #EndMommyWars

Ever mom judges other moms.  Let's be honest, ever person judges moms.  How they raise their kids.  Their work hours. If they work from home or in an office.  The time they spend away form their children.  If they breast or bottle feed. Their reasons for doing so. If they are married or single. 

We've looked down on the woman whose 2-year-old is crying on a plane, the friend who has a cesarean section, the co-worker who leaves early for her kids, the family member breastfeeding her toddler, the mom at the park whose children wander off.

It's human nature to see someone else's choices, make a personal comparison and feel smug or superior — even if for a brief moment.

But this habit is particularly ugly when it comes to motherhood, and the formula maker Similac is weighing in for the second time this year with its own emotional call to "end the mommy wars."

In a new short documentary created by Similac it features scenes with seven new moms, each trying to make the right decisions for themselves and their babies.

The single mother, about to return to work, cries when dropping her daughter off with a family caregiver. The pediatrician with two children under the age of two is constantly quizzed about whether she intended to have kids that close in age. A mom of premies is distraught when she can't breastfeed them. One mom wants to raise a gender-neutral child while the other relishes the opportunity to put her son in bow ties.


When watching this video did you judge these moms? I did at first.

Elizabeth WatkinsComment