Toys R US Awwwesome Christmas Ad

The Toys R US Christmas ad this year contains no toys, games or other consumer goods.  What is does have is a resonant message about inclusiveness and generosity.  The anthem ad "Tree," which debuts next month on broadcast TV is about a with a young girl and an older neighbor who seems at first to be a classic "bah, humbug" curmudgeon.  The spot serves as the centerpiece of a campaign called "Awwwesome."

The ads are designed to position us on the emotional high ground. Toys R Us is an incredibly important brand, and for a long time, it hasn’t spoken about the spirit of Christmas
— CMO Rich Lennox told Adweek

Toys R Us turned to BBDO to deliver that emotion while also reminding Americans that it remains the leader in an increasingly competitive retail market.

Two additional ads will follow the anthem's theme of focusing on the spirit of the season, while new product-focused spots will air on TV and in theaters across the country leading up to Christmas.

Elizabeth WatkinsComment