Rachel Giordano on "What it is is beautiful." #LEGO

Take a look at the photo below, what do you see that is different?

Your answer should have been the LEGOS.

Above you see: Rachel Giordano.  The first image is Giordano as a young girl in the 1981 ad, proudly shows off her own creative LEGO creation next to the headline, "What it is is beautiful." The second is Giordano, a doctor at age 37, mocking what LEGO is advertising to girls today. 

"What it is is beautiful" makes no mention of gender, and the toy is described as a "universal building set." The new Lego Friends line, on the other hand, comes with narratives intended to appeal to girls, like the Heartlake News Van you see Giordano holding in the other photo above.  

Rachel Giordano is one of many whom have a problem with LEGO's Friends line.  News Van sounds great, maybe a bit Barbie like.  Lets take closer look at the description though:

“Break the big story of the world’s best cake with the Heartlake News Van! Find the cake and film it with the camera and then climb into the editing suite and get it ready for broadcast. Get Emma ready at the makeup table so she looks her best for the camera. Sit her at the news desk as Andrew films her talking about the cake story and then present the weather to the viewers.”

What does this teach our children? 

“I know that how I played as a girl shaped who I am today. It contributed to me becoming a physician and inspired me to want to help others achieve health and wellness. I co-own two medical centers in Seattle. Doctor kits used to be for all children, but now they are on the boys’ aisle. I simply believe that they should be marketed to all children again, and the same with Legos and other toys.”
— Giordano