Pepsi from the Future #PepsiPerfect

The clock is ticking down to Back to the Future Day!

In case you didn't know October 21st of this year (2015) is the date that teenager Marty McFly (Michael J. Fox) with help of the eccentric scientist Dr. Emmett "Doc" Brown (Christopher Lloyd) travel to 2015 to prevent McFly's future son from ending up imprisoned.  They arrive on October 21, 2015.   

Since the movie was released November 22, 1989 many people are still wondering where are the flying cars and hoverboards?  According to Robert Zemeckis, director of the film, the 2015 depicted in the film was not meant to be an accurate depiction of the future. 

We knew we weren’t going to have flying cars by the year 2015, but God we had to have those in our movie.
— Bob Gale

The film did accurately predict a number of technological and sociological changes, such as the rise of ubiquitous cameras, the influence of Asian nations over the United States (though this was certainly already on the rise at the time of its release), flat panel television sets mounted on walls, the ability to watch six channels at once, Internet video chat systems, increased use of plastic surgery, head-mounted displays, and automated fueling systems. The film also correctly predicted a future where video games do not need hands (Microsoft Kinect) or, at the very least, do not need traditional controllers (Wii Remote).

A brief joke has the Chicago Cubs winning the 2015 World Series(they are in the play offs right now though.)

When Marty arrived in 2015, there were no other cola brands visible to him except for Pepsi products. Pepsi Perfect was vitamin-enriched, and came in a bottle with its own built-in straw. Due to inflation, a bottle of Pepsi cost about $50.00.

Welcome to the Future:

"Fans have always been a little crazy about it," says Lou Arbetter, PepsiCo's senior director of marketing, about the scene in the film where a Pepsi Perfect is delivered to Michael J. Fox's character through a futuristic pneumatic tube, "and so we wanted to take advantage of the fact that Marty traveled to the future, to this month, and wanted to actually come out with the product."

The bottle is a limited edition collectible — Pepsi is planning on only making a run of 6,500 bottles — and will be sold only while supplies last. Those looking to purchase the bottle can do so for $20.15, not quite as pricey as the $50 that Christopher Lloyd's Doc Brown gave Marty in the film. The bottle will be sold online, though Pepsi recommends fans check out the company's social media pages closer to the Oct. 21 launch date to know exactly where they can purchase it.